Dubai Comedy: Funny Customer Service

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So I posted this video from Dubomedy about a skit portraying how Customer Service in Dubai could go funny... uhmm, punny at times.

One of my friends couldn't help but notice some specific content of the video. He commented,

sorry ion. don't find this funny though. filipinos may be crazy at times but not as stupid as this. there are some pinoys/nays who don't speak good english but they have excellent comprehension skills. i find this skit an insult to our capabilities whatever level in life you're on, whatever your educational background is, and whatever your english scale is too. i acknowledge that some have gender confusion, alternating "she and he" but not as bonkers as confusing "ma'am" and "sir".Cguro, these guys experienced customer service from a Filipino na "sobrang tanga" talaga pero this doesn't, in reality" represent the "in general" customer service that we or they, who work in dubai, provide. tsk.tsk.

Cheer up bro! That's why it's called Comedy - nothing to feel serious about. And besides, it's pun intended for Dubai and not for Filipinos. It just so happened that too many Filipinos work in service-oriented professions here. What the actors in this skit portray is actually the 'lack of proper and ethical customer service' AND NOT being a Filipino. This shit happens everywhere, even in our own country. Let's face it, stupidity is shared by all nationalities, race, color profession, etc. There's just no place here on earth that doesn't have equal share of stupids and the not-so stupids.



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