Encouragement, not bible verses in times of depression

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You know, when you have a depressed friend, you don't give them bible quotes and say, "read this verse," etc and you will feel better. The bible quotes are for YOU - YOU, who should give advice, encouragement and inspiration based on what you learned from the bible.

I've heard a lot of stories when people give their depressed friends bible quotes instead of persuasive, moving and realistic advice.

Do not expect people to be comprehensible when they're depressed. Put yourself in the situation. Pagbabasahin ka, malalim pa, i-i-interpret mo pa.

Put bible studying in its own time and place. Talk to the person, human to human, give comfort, lead to a solution, lessen the worries. Pray that they'll be enlightened and do your intellectual bible sharing and reflection later on.

Just my two fils..


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