How to Begin the Week on a Positive Note?

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A report says "Most of us find the start of the week so demoralising that we can't even bear to crack a smile until 11.16am."

11:16am? Whether you love your job or not, this first weekday struggle happens to most of us. Weekend feels absolutely too short. We can't just let go of being in a relaxed mode with our family, or friends.  It's really normal to feel sad and lazy to go back to work routine.

But, would you rather keep this trend than start the week right and and set a good mood for the entire work week?

Let me share how I combat that feeling. Here's my another tips. Easier said than done, I know. It's really challenging, but hey, it's just a matter of mindset. Talk and listen to yourself.  Try these, nothing to lose anyway:
  1. Enjoy the whole of weekend. Do not make it a habit to feel bad when Sunday (Saturday here in UAE) evening sets in, thinking it's gonna be work week again the next day.  The more you think about it, the worse it becomes.  Maximize the remaining hours of the weekend with your loved ones.
  2. Give yourself ample time in the morning. Set your alarm about 1 hour (and snooze) before you actually want to wake up. Give yourself an hour or more allowance before you leave. Start early.  Have a hearty breakfast.  Don't cram. Don't stress, you're not in the office yet.
  3. Listen to Music Instead of News. I know some of us would rather listen to news on the radio, waiting for traffic advisories.You would probably know that traffic is always jammed on mornings so why still care? Listen to feel good music instead - or upbeat ones if you prefer. It will help set the tone of your mind going to work.
  4. Invite positive energy. Eliminate the sighs that it's workweek again. While driving, or at least upon getting off your car, before you enter that building, look up and tell yourself, "it will be a good day, a productive week." Smile!
  5. Greet. Greet everyone a good morning. Ask them about their weekend. 
  6. Bonding. Break the ice. Invite a colleague or 2 for a coffee. You will get back quickly to your 'office mood' after the sip.
  7. Plan your week. Making a realistic week plan. This is the best time to take control of the things you need to work on to, and not the other way around.
There are surely more ways to reverse the "first weekday blues".  Those 5 had been so effective for me, though it took me ages to really get them working. I simply wouldn't want the first day to ruin the rest of the week and swallow me... At least Monday (Sunday here in UAE) happens only once a week. 

Have a great week ahead everyone!


Government Office with the Most Holidays: Philippine Consulate

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Photo from Facebook
A little trivia: Did you know that the Philippine Consulate / POLO-OWWA in Dubai (I don't know in other cities) could vie for a Guinness World Record for the public office with the most number of holidays?

YES! They take both the UAE holidays and the Philippine holidays off. So if it is National Heroes Day in the Philippines and it is just supposedly a typical working day in the UAE- the Consulate/POLO-OWWA is off and is on holiday - not thinking about the thousands of Filipinos in need of their 'services.'

And now, based on the photo above, even the Chinese holidays. Galing no! 


Classical Music for Baby

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We bought these classical CDs by Mozart for our baby... Studies say babies in the womb respond to music. Some say that playing soft and classical music helps the baby to develop intelligence.

So classical music for now baby. Don't worry you'll grow as a rockstar anyway.
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What Could Push Our Local Government to Clean-up the City?

Pin It quoted MMDA Chief in their report
BOURNE! So if not for the filming of the Hollywood movie Bourne Legacy in Manila, would you initiate to clean and put orderliness in the area?

Here's to more Hollywood shooting to come! F!


What an Excited Dad-To-Be Does

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Our baby at 3 months
I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. In 6 months, we will see our baby. We will be able to physically hug him/her. Both of us have never been this excited. For me being a dad, especially for the first time, is the most wonderful feeling after marriage.  Especially we waited for this to happen for almost 3 years.  God is really great. He provides at the right time, at the right situation.

So to my excitement, I find myself doing the following since the good news:
  1. Research articles and videos on things my wife should and should not be doing during pregnancy.  I also research about how I can help my wife (be it in any other ways)
  2. Study a lot of "How-to" like proper carrying, calming, changing diapers, pampering, etc
  3. I'm extra inspired at work and in all things I do. Wife and the baby is always on my mind. I hum, I sing while working
  4. Leave work on time as much as I can to be with my wife and our baby within her - and I'm not patient with traffic lately.
  5. I noticed that I'm spending less nowadays and the savings is growing
  6. Play lullabies and baby sleeper music during bedtime
  7. Talk to the baby in the tummy all the time
  8. During the Christmas shopping, I was already looking around for toys for our baby :-)
  9. Thinking on how to design the baby's corner in our room
  10. Keep myself fit to prepare for carrying the baby
We both have re-defined our plans and time lines to include some events for our baby

Oh what a feeling really!  I can't wait to become the best father as much as I can - a best friend, buddy, teacher and mentor.  I can't wait to raise him/her into a cheerful, beautiful and inspiring and God-centered life.  I can't wait to introduce him/her to the world.

There's only one thing me and my wife until now disputes about - who will the baby look like? :-)

Next week, I can already write whether it's a he or she, as we might already know the gender. I wish for a baby boy, wife wants a girl - can we make it any more obvious? ;-) But boy or girl is absolutely so fine.  We'll be the best parents as much as we can!


The Misuse and Abuse of "Proud to be Pinoy" (Say Mabuhay Instead)

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The Misuse of Pride
I bet it's not only me who's sick and tired and tired and sick of the widespread misuse and abuse of the"Proud to be Pinoy" comment.

Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are the popular playgrounds where some belt out this "pride." In fact, we can be the world's proudest netizens in social media today in the way we flood the comments sections. Charice, Arnel Pineda, Apl De Ap and Manny Pacquiao are the 'suki' of the infamous "Proud to be Pinoy" comments - whatever 'Pinoy' we see in the international media, there is this pattern.

But something's really really wrong. Posters may have the right intentions, but most of the "Proud to be Pinoy" comments were really out-of-place, out-of-context and just about taking the ride, and bragging without rights.

Others take that as 'Nakikisakay na lang tayo sa kasikatan ng ating kababayan.'  It could just be a case of improper articulation or phonetics, but other nationalities find it offensive, so immature and irrelevant in fact.  It pisses them off whenever they see threads of "Proud to be Pinoy" comments... and it ignites an unnecessary racial battle. And why not? It's about the talent, and not about being Pinoy. "Manhid?"

In Tagalog, "Pinagmamalaki kong Pinoy ako dahil kay Manny, Charice etc..." Meh!

I understand we love to associate, we love to relate to any degree in fact. For every Filipino (pure or half, 1/4 or 1/8) who does great things and is globally recognized, we claim it, we're part of it. We take pride. We even trace the path to prove one's Filipino roots - whatever it takes. A trophy of one is a trophy of the nation.  That's just right and so natural, but that could really go wrong too. We are "proud of our kabayan".  Why don't we simply say, "I'm proud of you Charice" or whoever, or "Great Job!".

If Manny Pacquiao says "proud to be Pinoy," that's perfect.  He is simply proud of what he can do being a Filipino. When Bruno Mars say he's proud to be a Filipino, it sounds right. When Nicole Scherzinger says she's proud of being Pinay, it sounds so sweet too.  Apl d Ap continues to write Tagalog in every Black Eyed Peas album and he consistently say he's proud to be Pinoy. Right again. They have the bragging rights!
But us? The credit isn't ours.  Let's rather express appreciation. "We're proud of you!" sounds way better.

Why are we so trigger-happy to comment "Proud to be Pinoy?
Maybe, being in a low to mid-class in the world, or being in a third-world country invites it. We have this mindset that the world looks at us as underdogs, thus whenever a Filipino becomes a world-class fame, we're jumping into the ride. We want to prove something.  We want to change the impression of other nation about us. And so we shout "Proud to be Pinoy" when one Filipino shines bright.

Sadly, this shows we're hungry of recognition attention.  We want to tell the world that we've also got what it takes to be on top.  Especially there's not much of Filipinos who are 'big' in the world.  So everyone's a watchdog of who'll make it big next... and will be proud of themselves again being a Filipino.

Media also play a big role in the demise of the real essence of Pinoy pride. Success, achievements, dreams have been bordered within the entertainment world only (well, majority).  Media oftentimes leaves a mark that whatever the pop Westerners does, Pinoys can do as well - and that's not one good yardstick to live by.

"Wohooo! Proud to be Pinoy!" - so what are you proud of? Proud of another's success is really okay, but is illogical and maligned. You should be proud because, you, being a Pinoy has great accomplishments. In the first place, nobody should be proud of himself, Pinoy or not, if he hasn't done anything.

Instead of "Proud..." Say Mabuhay
We seem to forget what Filipinos shout whenever we win battles, whenever we're rejoicing. We shout and chant "Mabuhay!" for our triumphant compatriot. Mabuhay is our signature greeting, chant and battle cry. I know where this "Proud to be Pinoy" is coming from - we're proud of what we have, we're happy because our kababayan is a winner, is popular, etc. Then, why not simply say, "I'm proud of you, Mabuhay ang Pinoy!"

Use "Proud to be Pinoy" in its true essence.  Have reasons to support the pride. Being wowed by world-class Pinoy talents is an immature reason of being proud of yourself. Having heard the Philippines or Filipino in an international media isn't always a reason to exclaim pride. Imagine this... No Charice, No Manny Pacquiao, No Apl D Ap, or whose ever auntie-of-the-father-of-the-uncle's-cousin is a Filipino. What will be your reasons... Why are you proud to be Pinoy?



Leave Office on Time, Reap Rewards

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Saw this graphic virally spreading on Facebook. Couldn't agree more.
It's always been one of my principles to go to work on time and leave on time; or at least work efficiently within the schedule.  Staying at office desks beyond 8 or 8.5 hours doesn't always mean that we are hard working. Maybe, we can't efficiently utilize the working hours to do all the day's work.  Beating deadlines though is another story - but we won't need to cram til the last minutes if we have a smarter working scheme to be productive at work.

A smart worker is the one who's able to deliver what is expected of him within the schedule - and be able to leave on time. A smart worker is output-oriented actually.  A smart worker realizes the 7 things listed in the graphic above, reaping its rewards.

But never ever compromise. Don't disregard your work. Embrace it, value it, respect it. Leave on time if, and only if you can really cross-out items in your to-do list in a day.

Employers Must Realize...
The former CEO of Coca-cola, Bryan Dyson also said, "Work efficiently during office hours and leave on time. Give the required time to your family, friends and have proper rest."

This is what I want every employer to look at. They should encourage employees to observe the working time frame efficiently, and discourage working on extended hours. Employers need to feel that their staff are humans - they have family and friends and life outside of work too. Employers must take these 2 things into consideration:
  1. If employees develop conflicts within their relationships because of working time issues, they'd be disturbed at work. 
  2. Severe working on extended hours might cause some minor to major health disorders to some. If employees feel bad, they lose proper concentration. they'll need medical attention and they'll probably skip some days of work.
Value Our Lives
If we all neglect our precious time for family, friends and our significant relationships in general, work will also be affected.  Focus and productivity definitely suffers; and it has a domino effect.

We work, we do good at work because we are inspired by our loved ones. Let's just give them the due time and attention they deserve from us. Get a life.

Read back the 7 meaningful items listed above. They're a win-win for both your work and your life outside work.

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