Government Office with the Most Holidays: Philippine Consulate

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A little trivia: Did you know that the Philippine Consulate / POLO-OWWA in Dubai (I don't know in other cities) could vie for a Guinness World Record for the public office with the most number of holidays?

YES! They take both the UAE holidays and the Philippine holidays off. So if it is National Heroes Day in the Philippines and it is just supposedly a typical working day in the UAE- the Consulate/POLO-OWWA is off and is on holiday - not thinking about the thousands of Filipinos in need of their 'services.'

And now, based on the photo above, even the Chinese holidays. Galing no! 



kay said...

A little bit wrong no but we can't really do much if people allow it naman ...

tatess said...

oh , is not new anymore .Same in Qatar .they closed during the Qatar holidays and then closed again on Philippines holiday and whatever holidays or activitiesyou can think of.Useless to OFW who only takes the time off during the host countries holiday.

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