MENTORS, the freshmakers!

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It's more or less just 10 years ago, in college, when I began to realize how passionate I am of becoming a teacher... well sort of.

It started when a senior student I don't know then, surprisingly nominated and elected me to a leadership position for the Computer Studies Student Council - Vice President for Internal Affairs, that is.  Rainier, the founder and a long-time outstanding student leader, was really visible in co-corricular and leadership-oriented activities in and outside the university. He shared a lot of great things which I wouldn't have learned if I just locked myself within the university. He enlightened me on the importance of setting a vision and how to reach one. He brought me into miles of exposure; introduced me to different campus organizations and industry leaders around the country; He humbly bestowed his remarkable ideas to me... He passed the baton on me when I took over the presidency of the student council on the next 2 years; representing the university in a national computer organization. And til now, he mentors me.

After university, I was invited to join Voice of the Youth (VOTY) Network as a web designer volunteer and later on became its Executive Director.  I've met more interesting young leaders and mentors, volunteers, life changers, visionaries, inspirations. They became my closest friends. In VOTY, we lead groups of young people, encouraging them to believe in themselves in creating and promoting positive social change, and in making a difference in the country. Choy introduced a new thinking, a non-traditional approach to solve conflicts. He entrust with me a great organization. He, with Ian and Lloyd leads by example. They create opportunities even if it seems to have no way. Choy brought me to highest of heights literally and figuratively as well. I've been on TV and radio because of him. He continues to encourage me. He mentors me.

In the radio program, Emsie and I and the VOTY gang voice out whatever we learn from the group - aiming to inspire listeners and join us as volunteers to also, in any way, influence other young minds proactively. Emsie, with his "lightweight" approach to life often gives me "heavyweight" advices and learning. We often talk about the lighter side of life. He makes me realize the lessons in every situation.   He continues to mentor me.

Kamyar, whom I worked with here in Dubai, introduced himself to me as a mentor indirectly. He loves to talk about various things ranging from coffee beans into philosophical nature. He always smile. He never fail to offer help. He leads the web design team in a non-traditional approach. He brought the best in me as a web designer. He makes me realize a lot of things just by listening to his stories. Until now, he gives me room to grow and prove myself. Until now, he mentors me...

I owe a lot of what I know, and how I've become now, and how I've planned and set my visions to those people. I am blessed and thankful that I've been surrounded by great influential friends. The "I" wouldn't happen if there are no people like Rain, Choy, Emsie and Kamyar who wholeheartedly shared their significant learning and experience to drive me to the right path. introduced themselves to me in day 1 saying, "Hey, I'll take you to what you want to become. C'mon!"

Most often, the best life's teachers are not in the school. Also, you don't need a degree in order to teach, influence and change people's life. You just have to want to make it happen.

"Minsan lang tayo maging kabataan. Wag mong palampasin ang panahong ito para gumawa ng mga pinakatamang bagay para sa yo ngayon at sa kinabukasan mo at ng magiging mga anak mo." - POCHOLO "CHOY" GONZALES

"Pards, always think out of the box - and literally get out there.  The universe is too big for you to lock yourself in a classroom. " - RAINIER VERGARA

"Babae na naman ba yan? Padalos-dalos kasi e." - EMSIE REYES

"In reality, people only care about the finished product. Why take the hard way when you can simplify? Work simple, there are other aspects of life that needs your bigger time and attention." - KAMYAR HOUBAKTH

Now it's time, and it's always time, to pay it forward.


I'm becoming a dad! It's the happiest feeling!

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The happiest feeling in the universe today is with us. We are becoming MOM and DAD finally! We've long waited for this. See you soon baby! We are excited to be the best parents in the world. We are excited to build a model family.

And what a best time for the baby to come. Thank you very much Lord. You're always so kind...

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