What an Excited Dad-To-Be Does

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Our baby at 3 months
I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. In 6 months, we will see our baby. We will be able to physically hug him/her. Both of us have never been this excited. For me being a dad, especially for the first time, is the most wonderful feeling after marriage.  Especially we waited for this to happen for almost 3 years.  God is really great. He provides at the right time, at the right situation.

So to my excitement, I find myself doing the following since the good news:
  1. Research articles and videos on things my wife should and should not be doing during pregnancy.  I also research about how I can help my wife (be it in any other ways)
  2. Study a lot of "How-to" like proper carrying, calming, changing diapers, pampering, etc
  3. I'm extra inspired at work and in all things I do. Wife and the baby is always on my mind. I hum, I sing while working
  4. Leave work on time as much as I can to be with my wife and our baby within her - and I'm not patient with traffic lately.
  5. I noticed that I'm spending less nowadays and the savings is growing
  6. Play lullabies and baby sleeper music during bedtime
  7. Talk to the baby in the tummy all the time
  8. During the Christmas shopping, I was already looking around for toys for our baby :-)
  9. Thinking on how to design the baby's corner in our room
  10. Keep myself fit to prepare for carrying the baby
We both have re-defined our plans and time lines to include some events for our baby

Oh what a feeling really!  I can't wait to become the best father as much as I can - a best friend, buddy, teacher and mentor.  I can't wait to raise him/her into a cheerful, beautiful and inspiring and God-centered life.  I can't wait to introduce him/her to the world.

There's only one thing me and my wife until now disputes about - who will the baby look like? :-)

Next week, I can already write whether it's a he or she, as we might already know the gender. I wish for a baby boy, wife wants a girl - can we make it any more obvious? ;-) But boy or girl is absolutely so fine.  We'll be the best parents as much as we can!



AJ said...

Congrats! Being a dad is a great responsibility and it takes a real man to fulfill it. :) Keep us posted with every step of this exciting personal journey of yours. Years from now, when your child is old enough to read and understand, this will be a great read for him or her. :)

May said...

Congratulations! The feeling is immense for moms but I know it hits dad on different levels: they they get the news, the ultrasound experience, the actual birth. Tip: bear with wifey when the cravings and hormones kick in, the emotional roller coaster ... it's truthfully uncontrollable. :D

Here's a special experience my hubby and I went thru when I was preggy with our eldest and we were at our doctor's appointment. We had a problem with our little biz that time and we were a bit worried and that was all we talked about while waiting for our turn with our OB. Then when it was our turn, our doc said we might be able to detect the heartbeat already... the first time he listened to the thud, thud, thud... I was lying down and the look on his face with the heart monitor to his ear as he leaned on my tummy: precious. The look - indescribable but really something. There are a few moments I don't ever want to forget till I die, this one included. We forgot about our biz problem that day. The moment wiped everything away.

It's awesome being a parent. It's not easy and it can be frustrating too. But the ups trump the downs hands down. Congrats!

Journeys and Travels said...

Congratulations on your future role as a daddy. I say you are most blessed with a baby. I am extremely happy for you and your wife

Mei said...

Ang cute naman. Super excited din pala mga magiging dads hehe feeling ko kasi mga mommies lang ang super excited hehe congrats! i hope your wife will have a successful delivery soon.

Ivan Stewart Saldajeno said...

Congrats, dude!

Jhen said...

Congratulations Daddy Ion!!! happy for you and your wife :D para walang dispute who the baby looks like, sa mga lolo and lola na lang hehe.

I pray for your wife's safe delivery
I pray for your baby's good health
and I pray for God's angels to always surround you and your family and assist always in making a safe and happy home!

Kimberley Reyes said...

Congratulations! I remember my husband being in tears when we first saw our baby through a TVS. She was only five weeks old then. Lol!

Nancy said...

Have a safe delivery for your wife and congratulations in advance for a soon-to-be new mom and dad!

I must say events like this should call for a celebration. CHEERS!

chrisair said...

wow congrats, iba talaga feeling ng mga dad pag alam nila na may new member coming, I see it also on my hubby

Gil Camporazo said...

Your excitement spells out what a would-be father is to be doing when the baby's born. That's the usual feeling of a father.

I got an unforgettable experience I had for our first baby. I was studying in college when my wife expected to give birth to our first son. I received a communication that I should go home now for she's laboring. She couldn't give birth if her husband is not around, that's their belief. So I had to go home without finishing my classes at that time in the afternoon for I had to travel 9 kilometers from the college to my wife's parents house. I arrived but no baby yet, until the following day by 10a.m. Now she's about to deliver now. It's timely that the lady physician arrived. I was under the house, squatting, observing how the procedure was done atop the house. "Uha, uha, uha" I overheard the first cry of our newly born son. Excited as I was, I stood uprightly failing to estimate the height of the floor from the ground, which was too short for my height. My head bumped the floor. The doctor was disturbed and shouted, "What are you doing there?" "Why not give your wife a hot soup to regain her weakness! Proceeding to the kitchen, I noticed the hot noodles were already ready, prepared by my mother-in-law. I hurriedly took the the bowl of noodle soup and brought it upstairs, and proceeded to my wife's room. I handed her the soup. She laughed boisterously. The bowl I handed her was empty. Because of my intense excitement to have a first baby boy, while going upstairs from the kitchen till my wife's room, I kept on sipping the noodles' soup unknowingly until the bowl was empty!

You see that's how a would-be-father behave because of too much excitement. Anyway, congratz for your new baby soon!

sionee said...

WOW! Congratulations to you and your wife! I am also excited for you! haha the feeling of excitement flashed back as I was recalling the emotions I felt almost 10 years ago. :) again, congrats!!

tatess said...

Congrtas! you are having an angel soon.the most special gift from God .Looking back ,I waited 4 years for my youngest to come but then he came unexpectedly,now he is 3 years old.

FranCis said...

Wow congratulations Ion Man! I advice to take the experience of washing lampin with pupu and you will feel the fulfillment of being a father.

Read my Poem: Flair Connection

kay said...

I hope that when temptation comes to you in the future in the form of barkada, other woman, and what have you, you will remember this moment and remind yourself that you should not give in and do anything to break the marriage because you have a little one who's life will be damaged. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Congratulations po! Nang malamang kong magkakaroon ako ng pamangkin, sobrang saya ko na.. Im sure x100 yung excitement na nararamdaman ninyo. :)

Praying for the safe delivery.. and again, congratulations! :)

yuuki said...

congrats! we can feel ur excitement on ut post...take care of mommy and baby ;)

joy said...

my congratulations! be a girl or a boy, basta healthy hihi, praying for your wife's safe delivery :)

Jonathan said...

Wow! Congratulations on this! Just keep up with your plans and never let that excitement die. You'll be a great dad!

jared's mum said...

congratulations! nothing beats the feeling of being a parent for the first time, it was truly a profound + life-changing experience. bare with your wife as she will be undergoing major changes both physically + emotionally to prepare for the birth of your child...

judging from all these preparations you made, i bet you will be a very good dad ^_^

Jenny O'Toole said...

Congratulations! All the best.

gracia said...

I was so touch reading your loving post as a FATHER.
God will always take care for the family that stays together and see HIM as a center of the family.

Good wishes here.

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