What is home?

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Home creates an environment where we, since childhood, are exposed to new thinking, first idealism and first beliefs. Everything that happens at home are most likely regarded as the right ones. By the time we go out to the real world, we discover a lot more, we realize further and we investigate. Home is always our first reference. Home is where our character and values are formed. It is where we get our identity - identity that we will bring wherever we may be.

Home is not the physical structure, not the house, but a state of mind where you are comfortable and relaxed to do whatever you want. At home, you are limitless.

We are always longing to be at home. During work or school or wherever, we feel that time moves sooo slowly. But when at home, we don't mind time. We can do whatever we want to do. We can live our dreams at home. We crank out loud with the stereo and have our own concerts. We dance like it's the last night gracefully. Home is where we interpret how we really wanted to be in the real world. In short, home sets our dreams.



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