My Birthday Wish is Jolo's full recovery - can we help them?

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4th post-operation day - changing dressings
This is Jolo my nephew who had his second stage surgery last June 23 2011, at Philippine Heart Center. The surgery lasted for 14 long hours. They have to re-open him because his valve is not functioning well. Jolo's family were told to prepare Php 470,000 (USD 10,964) for the procedure, but because they have to replace his valve, they were charged double. The hospital bill  is now 600,000 (USD 13,996). Doctors' fees not yet included. It was so kind for the Philippine Heart Center to have done the operation despite the payment of the total cost.

My birthday is on 9th of July. One of my birthday wishes is for him to fully recover and to continue living an animated life. If you plan to gift me (I know you don't), may I knock on your kind hearts please to, instead of giving me presents, can we share a little of our blessings to Jolo and his family? Or if you know someone or a group who can lend a help, can you share this blog to them please?
Jolo after transfer from I.C.U.
with his Pedia Cardio, Dra.Azcueta, Dra. Mappala & Dra. Valdez
We are very thankful and very happy that Jolo, an 8-year old, is so brave to battle it out. This promising kid dreams a lot of big things for him and his family. He's doing well in school, especially in his favorite subject, Science.  He is one kid whom I can see a bright future ahead.  Let's all wish for him to fully enjoy childhood and growing up.

If you want to learn more about what Jolo has gone through til this date, read this blog:

Thank you so much in advance for any amount you could wholeheartedly share. 

Please get in touch with her mom, Joy Guerrero-Gonzales via email: ljoy_gonzales
You ay directly deposit any amount to:
Account Name: Lorelie Joy Gonzales
Account Number: 429002100018
Philippine National Bank (PNB) Mangarin Branch

You can also contact me at connect or call +63915-2182858 in the Philippines or +97150-3104958 in UAE.



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