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One of many reasons why I love staying in the Philippines is that 'networking' is everywhere and is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Youtube and other online media. In my 3 years in Dubai, I'm always hungry for a REAL-LIFE "social networking about social networks." Sadly, Dubai has got almost nothing about Internet-savvy professionals and social media enthusiasts (except Dubai Twestival).

So when I chanced upon Janette Toral's Plurk post, I visited the link to Fiera De Manila's page about this Social Networking and eBusiness Conference Philippines 2010. Finally!

FYI, I'm into Internet Marketing and recently I started learning about Social Media Marketing and how businesses are fast embracing the once mistakenly thought as "fad." The lineup of speakers and topics are just powerful. I'm excited to hear:
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies Insights and Lessons Learne
  • The Future of Social Networking and Social Norms
  • Harnessing the Power of Social Media by Yahoo!
  • How Brands are Becoming the Media
  • Using Social Media in Search Engine Marketing Campaigns and It Influences Your Search Engine Rankings 
I would also like to hear the Case Study Presentations of the would-be Winners in Social Networking Awards 2010. Check this link for the complete list of topics and speakers.

I've had failures in the past and I'm expecting to be enlightened on the better roads to take. I would also want to have an idea how and where to take-off from this social media age. I dream to be part of the next big thing on or after Social Media.

I have not blasted yet on my Internet Marketing activities. I have been silent for the past couple of months (preparing our websites and social media accounts). I guess after this Social Networking Conference, I would be ready to position myself in the social map.

The Social Networking Conference 2010 is an event geared towards companies and digital marketing/advertising professionals and businessmen/entrepreneurs who are interested to use social networks for advertising/marketing their products and services. It is for dynamic and innovative companies, start-ups, and upcoming players who would like to leverage on current technologies to communicate and sell their products/services through social networks; and, gain knowledge as to how this industry is working and evolving.
The event will be on April 22-23, 2010 at the Grand Ballroom, Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City, Philippines. This is presented by Fiera de Manila, Inc. and Digital Filipino Club. Also supported by Blog4Reviews.

See you there! 



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