How to apply for passport in the Philippines?

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You can now enjoy the convenience of getting an appointed date and time to apply for your ePassport. All you have to do is provide your personal info online and choose an available date and time convenient for you. Applying for the ePassport is now more efficient. 

That's what the new DFA Passport Appointment System website claims.

Here's how to set an appointment to apply for a new (or renewal of) passport in the Philippines:

  1. Visit and check the Required Documents and Application Procedures. I will only cover about the process here. 
  2. Click 'Set an appointment' link on the left sidebar.
  3. Fill up the Application form about your personal details and contact information, and click submit button.
  4. If you're a new applicant, the required documents will be shown next. Just click the Continue button until it's finished.
  5. You will be asked to select an appointment date (first) and time on the next page. (Note: the calendar begins with the earliest available month for appointments)
  6. A confirmation page containing your Appointment Number and schedule will show next. Click the link to print the page and bring it on your appointment.
* NOTE: In some cases, you might receive an email saying that your appointment date is not available and they will set you on the next earliest schedule.

What you need to do on the Appointment date of your passport application?

  1. You must be at the new DFA Passport Center office at least 1 hour before your appointment time - as hundreds are also appointed on the same time. 
  2. You will still be asked to queue and be given a number. There are more than 20 counters so the queue moves a little quicker.
  3. Once called, present the required documents on the counter. 
  4. Pay the cost - Php950 for normal processing - 20 WORKING DAYS; Php1200 for rush - 10 WORKING DAYS.
  5. You will be asked to go to the 2nd floor for your photo, thumbmarks and signature. You need to queue again.
  6. The officer will ask to verify your details. Please do verify very well.
  7. You will be given with a claim stub with the date of release stamped on it.
  8. If you want your passport to be delivered, proceed to the Courier counter to sign a delivery form. You will have to pay Php100 if within Metro Manila, or Php120 if outside Manila. LBC is one of the best courier to sign-up to.

Is DFA accurate about the release date (and delivery) of passports?

In my case, NO. Since the system is very new, glitches happen. I paid for a rush processing and delivery of passport, but I got it 5 days late from it's release and delivery date.

Is the DFA Hotline helpful? What are the numbers to call for follow-ups on passports?

Hell no! Not at all. I was trying to call the 737-1000 Support Hotline for Passport Centre on the date of my passport release. After several attempts and spending lots of minutes hanged on the phone, somebody picked my call. They DON'T KNOW the status of the passports. They CANNOT TELL if the passports were released on time or picked up already by the respective couriers. All they can do is GIVE PHONE NUMBERS to call to get the status.

They gave me more than 3 numbers to call, just to know the status of my passport. Pissed, nobody answers the phones at all. If not busy, the phone just keep ringing. The other phone line seems inactive - "The subscriber cannot be reached." It was like that for 2 days.  Annoying.

Come 4th day of delay. I was able to connect to their Support Hotline again (the harder way). They still remain that they have no way to know the status of the passports and they insist on telling me to call those numbers they gave me.

I talked to the supervisor (I have to beg annoyingly the agent to give the phone to his supervisor), and before she insisted the same things. I insisted that they call those numbers that they say are active and have people answering, and then get back to me with a clear status report.

After 2 hours, she called me back and said that yes indeed my passport was delayed due to some reasons that some passports cannot undergo the RUSH processing and have to go through the EXTENDED or normal processing. I was asking for a refund since I paid for RUSH and didn't get it. But then again, she wanted me to call another number for it.



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