Taxi drivers in Manila... why are they?

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I feel like Imma 'tourist' here in my home land. For one, taxis really got me pissed off:

Taxi 1 - Buendia, Makati to Antipolo (11:00pm): ...won't take us in unless we agreed to pay higher than 500 because he might not find a passenger on his way back to Manila. Since it's late at night and really hard to get a cab, we agreed to pay 550. Reaching Antipolo, the meter reads 227.50 only (plus a "Tarantado" greeting from another motorist).

Taxi 2 - DFA (Macapagal) to Ayala (10:00am): Almost doesn't want to take me in because of "traffic" on the way. The driver moaned all throughout the trip about the traffic (which apperently was not really bad), while cursing all politicians (listening on AM radio) of being corrupt and trapo. Reaching Ayala, the meter reads 115 - and so I paid an exact 115 pesos. The driver moaned again because "I did not pay right." According to the genius driver, because of 'traffic' I should have given him more. But I insisted not to pay more - and he rushed away. (He has the guts to complain about corruption and yet he's practicing the same bulls***)

Taxi 3 - Cainta to Medical City, Ortigas (11:30pm): Silent all throughout the trip until reaching Medical City. The driver suddenly said, "Naku walang mga pasahero! Mahihirapan tayo nyan sir." I didn't get it. He repeated, "Wala talaga, tsk tsk..." The bill is 70 pesos, I handed 100. "Thank you sir! thank you sir! thank you talaga," were the words by the driver. I asked him to give back my change 'coz I need to rush to ER. He just repeated "Walang pasahero sir e." I did not bother to argue as I really have an emergency to go to.

Hell! Bakit dumadami sila!



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