The new computerized and by-appointment Philippines passport application system

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... is a crap. They used to have an expedited processing where you can receive your passport after 3-5 days from your application date. They scrap that. Now, they only have (1) Rush and (2) Normal. In rush processing, you can receive your passport after 10 working days. In the normal processing, you have to wait for 20 working days.  If you want it delivered to your place, add 1 more day.

Not only that. Their appointment system is just an extension of the typical queue. I set an appointment online and I was assigned a date 2 weeks from my request. So on that appointment date, I went 2 hours ahead of my schedule (9am). I learned that we're about a thousand all set for 9am. We were made to queue under the sun for about half an hour; and only until 30 minutes before the appointment time they let us in. Inefficiently, I was called at 9:35. Finished the application byy 10:20



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