Don't let Manny Pacquiao become a bad example

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Manny Pacquiao - he has and is still personifying and representing the reality of dreams. His achievements inspire a lot of people who, like him would like to rise from rags to riches.

But his recent stunt - running for a Congress seat, his second attempt actually, could be his biggest setback. As many success coaches inspire us to follow our passion and focus only on what we love doing to succeed, Pacman is going on the other road.

People only love him inside the ring. Even his stints in TV and movies and music proved fail. If his intention is to help many people, well then he could be a better example by reaching out even without assuming any political roles. He has more resources already of what it takes to help. He could inspire and influence others to do the same - that politics is not for doing 'charities.' After all, Congress is for legislation and not Social Welfare Center.

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