Filipino artists world tours growing yet limiting

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A lot of Filipino artists, mainstream musicians particularly are enjoying the luxury of touring worldwide. They should thank us - 9 million expats scattered around the globe for their so-called 'world tours.'

It's also surprising that even the super-newbies (and the super-oldies) get into this chance. Good for them. Gone are the days when we only get to see the likes of Gary V or Regine or APO performing on the world stage. Don't get me wrong. I do like the idea that the music we love are now the one coming closer to us.

But our musicians could do more I guess. While they strut their wares in foreign land, they still 'just' perform in front of us - OFWs. A lot of artists from the Philippines can now be lined-up with the international mainstream (aside of course from Arnel Pineda, Allan Pineda and Charice). Wouldn't it be better if they could also pull audiences from other nation?

Pilipino para sa mundo!



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